How to set up a Google group with a custom domain?

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Thanks to MailClark, you can link your Google Groups to Slack, so Slack-lovers and Email-aficionados can communicate together from the tool they like the most. 

While the usual email address for a Google Group looks like, you might be using a custom domain for your group. At the moment, MailClark doesn't support custom domains for Google Groups, but we have some workaround to suggest, depending on your usecase.

An infographic is worth a thousand words, check this out!

If you don't intent to reply from Slack

  1. Simply create a email address and add this address as a member of your Google Group.
  2. You'll receive all the emails of the group in Slack. 
If you finally happen to reply from Slack, the reply will be sent with the address.  

If you're using the Google Group as an internal distribution list

  1. Create an email group in Slack
  2. Add your Google Group email address as an Email member.
  3. Add as an Email member in your Google Group.

If you're using the Google Group as a customer-facing address

  1. Connect your Gmail account
  2. Then, in the settings page set up filters to only receive emails from this alias.

Still not clear? Pop us a message, we'll figure this out with you!

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