What are email guests?

Updated 2 months ago by Antoine Lefeuvre

This use case allows you to invite someone (e.g. client, contractor) to a channel even though they don’t use Slack. This way, any message posted in this channel will be sent to all of the channel's recipients, whether they are Slack members or email guests.

Example uses include an agency setting up a #proj-acme-website channel with the internal team as Slack members and the email-reliant clients as email guests. MailClark creates an email address in the form of proj-acme-website@wowagency.mailclark.ai, or projet-acme-website@wowagency.com if you set up a custom domain.

Channels with email guests have what’s known as a list behavior: When someone replies, the email necessarily goes to all the list’s recipients, it’s not possible to edit the ‘To’ field to remove a particular recipient.

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