How do I send email from Slack?

Updated 2 years ago by Antoine Lefeuvre

First of all, if you haven't done it yet, add MailClark to your Slack workspace:

  1. Go to the Slack channel you connected your email address to.
    (Still need to do this? Click here to connect an email account.)
  2. Press New email in the ⚡️ menu to the left of Slack's message field.
    (Cannot find it? Watch the short demo at the bottom of this page.)
    Alternatively, you can use the "New conversation" button on MailClark's home. Either way, it opens MailClark's "Compose a new message" popup window.
  3. Compose your email.
    If you've connected several email accounts to Slack, you must first choose which account to sent the email from.
    Type your Recipients list (press the ••• button for Cc/Bcc), the Subject line and then the Message itself. Attach files if needed—uploading new files takes you to your browser.
  4. Press Send and voilà!
    Congratulations, you're emailing from Slack. MailClark will post the new email conversation you've just initiated in the Slack channel so that your teammates can follow it or participate.
    Answers from the recipients will be posted in the Slack thread. You can also use MailClark's home to keep easily track of email conversations.

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