How to filter the emails received in your channels?

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With MailClark you can fully manage your emails from Slack or Teams. But you might need to only receive a few of them. 
If you are in this situation, check out the solutions we have for you

Gmail accounts

Lucky you! MailClark has pretty advanced filters options for Gmail accounts.

O365 Mail accounts 

If you've connected a O365 Mail account, you can filter on Focused inbox or Other inbox only

Use the "Easy forwarding" use case to receive alerts and notifications. 

You might need to receive only specifics emails in your channels (i.e alerts or newsletters) with no intent to reply: 

The "Easy forwarding" is what you need: it will create a new email address (in the type of that you can use with the services you want to connect to your Slack or Teams. 
You can also set up automatic forwarding from your email account (using the filter options offered by your email provider).

These are not the option you are looking for?

We plan to release more filter options in the future and it would help us a lot to know what you really need. So if you're looking for something different, please contact our support team, we'd love to discuss it with you!

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