Centralize all communications in Slack

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With MailClark, bring all your communications in one place, where you and your teammates spend the most of your time: Slack.

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Centralize emails in Slack

Connect a shared inbox or create a new one.
Receive email Alert

Receive Newsletters

Manage your Twitter account from Slack

Receive & Reply Twitter mentions
Receive & Reply Twitter Direct Messages

Connect your Facebook Page(s) to Slack

Receive & Reply DM sent to your Facebook page

Connect a Live chat to Slack  

Receive & Reply the messages sent via the Live-Chat on your website (using the Messenger chat plugin).

Connect your account in a public channel if messages are meant to be managed collectively.
Connect your account to a private channel if they'd  stay private (i.e: your personal email account)

Why would you need to centralize all your external communications in Slack? 

-  Because you're tired of wasting your time looking for an email when it was a Slack message, or a Twitter DM when it was sent via Facebook, or… you got my point! All in one place = time (and nerves) saver. 

When a colleague wants to reply the messages sent to your Facebook Page, but s/he doesn't have an account to be added as an Editor/Moderator 

- If several teammates need to reply messages received on Twitter (mentions, DMs…), but you don't want to share the login access to everyone. 

-  Because you want to manage the emails as a team (i.e contact@yourcompany.com)

- Because Slack is great for collaboration and collaboration is often required for external communication. 

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