I don't see my Twitter messages in Teams

Updated 3 years ago by Floriane

Is your Twitter account connected to a channel?

Even if you know that you've already connected it to Teams, maybe a colleague disconnected it by mistake?

A quick check won't hurt! Go to your Adapter list to make sure it is connected.

  • It is not: let's start from the start and connect it
  • The account is in the Adapter list:
    Make sure you were looking for messages in the right Team/channel

Look for a specific message

Use the Search function to confirm your message was definitely not posted in Teams

Have you set up your account to receive only DMs or only Tweets you're mentioned in?

The Twitter Adapter comes with filter options that might explains why some messages are not posted in the channel:

- You can decide to receive Twitter Direct Messages only

- Or Tweets you're mentioned in only

You're account is connected and you've set it up as expected?

If none of the steps above resolve the issue, send us a message, we'll look at it together!

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