How to filter the emails sent from your Gmail account

Updated 3 years ago by Floriane

Our Gmail integration comes with filter options, so you can decide which emails belong to your Slack/Teams workspace:

  1. Connect your Gmail account
  2. Then from, set up filters depending on your needs:
    1. With the option "Choose which emails to receive", you can filter based on:
      - Your aliases
      - Your Gmail Tabs (Personal, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums)
      - Inbox only
      - Important only
      - Starred Only
    What about the "Primary tab"?
    In Gmail, you can decide to sort your emails into different categories: Social, Promotions, Update, Forum. The other emails are the “Personal” ones. The Primary category contains your personal emails + the emails that you’ve decided to not sort

    Knowing that, to receive your Primary category in Slack/Teams, you’ll have to select Personal + The categories you've disable in Gmail.
    1. For a more customized filter, select Use Gmail filters
      (i.e. to filter emails depending on a specific address, certain subjects, keywords…) 

💁 Did we lose you with all these options? Let us know what you're looking for and we'll guide you!

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