How to reach the Inbox 0

Updated 4 months ago by Floriane

Who has never dreamed about reaching the inbox zero? Here are some tips to do so by combining your emails with Slack.

Important emails

You probably receive important emails that you don't want to miss, nor forget about. Most of them can be solved quickly. For some others, you'd have to come back to them later on. 
Here's how to manage all of them:

    • Sometimes, there is no action required (a colleague letting you know that s/he has finished a task, a friendly reminder for an event…). Once you’ve checked the email, just mark it as done, to indicate there is nothing left to do.

    The newsletters and alerts 

    You might want to use MailClark to receive newsletter and alerts in Slack. The best advice we can give you is to sort them into dedicated channels, so you're not bothered by these emails in your main inbox, but you still have them somewhere, in case you'd like to check them.

    In case you just want to check them "on-demand", without being notified every time you receive a new one, mute the channel.

    Spams and emails to delete. 

    For all the messages that you simply don’t want in your inbox, use the “Delete” or the “Mark as Spam” options provided by MailClark.
    Don’t worry! We know mistakes can happen, that’s why you can access the "Delete" or "Spam" folders any time and undo the action.

    Other tips for reaching the inbox zero

    • Are you afraid to lose the track of an important email? You can star it or share it in a dedicated channel.
    • You’d like to discuss an email with a colleague before replying? Start your message with the emoji 🔇 ( :mute:).
      If you forget, don’t worry! As long as you haven’t activated the automatic sending, MailClark will come out with a preview before sending the email. Just click “don’t send”.

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