How to move to the new Gmail integration?

Updated 8 months ago by Floriane

In case you've connected your Gmail account prior to the release of our new Gmail-for-Slack integration, you might want to move to this new fully featured version. 
Here's how to quickly make the change so that you can enjoy all the new features:

  1. Go to your settings page and click disconnect next to the address you'd like to change
  2. At the bottom of this same settings page, click the Gmail button to reconnect the account using the new Gmail for Slack app.
  3. Remove the forwarder you’ve set up in your Gmail account. 
  4. If you've configured your DNS to send emails from Slack using your email address, you can remove this set up as well.

Why should you move to the new Gmail integration?

Full Sync: Read, reply, forward, archive, delete… No matter where and what you do, MailClark synchronizes your emails, actions and data across your apps.
Filters Decide which emails belong to Slack thanks to the Gmail filters: Aliases, categories, keywords, sender… Build your workflow the way it makes sense to you.

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