What is MailClark and why should I use it?

Updated 3 years ago by Floriane

MailClark is a bot (also called an app), to centralize all your external communications—Email, Twitter, Facebook—in Slack or MicrosoftTeams so you no longer need to switch between different tools.

Who could be interested by MailClark? 

If you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, click the following buttons to find out how MailClark can help you:

If you don't use Slack, nor Microsoft Teams: 
MailClark can help you to be part of communications that take place in one of these two platforms, without having to use them.

 - If you can't see your use case in the following lists;
- If you're not sure about whether MailClark can help;
- If you're wondering how to set up MailClark;
=>  Please contact our team, we'll be happy to figure this out with you 😊

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