How to display the full email in Slack

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If you've connected a Shared or Individual Inbox, open the attached thread to access the conversation.

When posting an email in a Slack channel/thread, MailClark might display just a part of the email body (so you have to click on the Email Recipient to see the full email on your browser). Here are a few explanations on this:


Some information included in emails are not fully relevant for the conversation. Signatures are one of them. That's why we detect signature blocs to only posted them once in Slack and make sure they won't pollute your channel.


Long email conversations might include the email history. While it's useful to remind the context, this is not the kind of information you want to see displayed in the channel so we detect them and make sure they don't appear in Slack. They're still available by clicking the subject if needed.

Some Contact-Form might be recognized as quotations by our service. If you've connected one in Slack and notice that email body isn't displayed in Slack, contact our team, we'll figure this out together :)

Slack limitations for long messages

When MailClark posts an email in Slack, it might have to collapse it due to Slack limitations. According to Slack rules:

The content will automatically collapse if it contains 700+ characters or 5+ linebreaks, and will display a "Show more..." link to expand the content


Messages longer than 8000 characters will be truncated.

Therefore, if some of your emails don't fully appear in Slack, here is what you can do:

  • Click the "show more" button to read more directly from Slack
  • If this is not enough and/or to see the HTML version: click on the Sender to open the email on your browser.

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