I have trouble connecting a Facebook Page

Updated 1 year ago by Floriane

If you're trying to connect a Facebook Page to Slack or Microsoft Teams, you should reach a step where MailClark lets you choose which page you'd like to connect. If you can't find the page you're looking for, here are some verifications to be done:

Make sure you're trying to connect a Page

At the moment, MailClark only allows you to connect a Facebook Page, not a personal profile nor a group.

Ensure you're registered as an Admin

To do so, go to the Page Settings > Page Roles > Existing Page Roles

Check your Granular Permissions

When authorizing an app in Facebook, you can “Choose What You Allow”.

To manage your Integrations, go to Your Facebook Settings Page .

If this doesn't help contact our team so we can look further into it.

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