What is an active user?

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Don't worry about adding MailClark to a team/workspace with tens or hundreds of members, as our pricing is based on how many users are actively using MailClark.

Shared or individual inboxes

A MailClark active user is a member of your team/workspace who has interacted with an email, Facebook or Twitter message in a shared or individual inbox during the past 15 days.

Interacting with an email/message means:

  • Sending an email/message from Slack or Teams
  • Assigning an email/message to someone
  • Changing the status of an email/message including marking it as done
  • Deleting an email/message
  • Reporting an email/message as spam
Reading an email/message or posting an internal comment about it doesn't make a user active.

Easy forwarding & email guests

Reading or deleting an email received via Easy forwarding doesn't make a user active.

Similarly, reading a guest's email or sending an email to a guest doesn't make a user active.

If you only use the Easy forwarding and/or Email guests use cases, you will only be charged the minimum fee of $10/m (billed yearly, $14/m billed monthly).

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