Paragraph break, Bold, Italic, Hyperlink… Format your emails from Slack

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Paragraph break

To add a new line to an email, press Shift + Enter.

You can also type enter and keep typing your message. MailClark will collapse all the messages before sending the email.

Bold, Italic, Quote, List, Inline code

MailClark uses formatting options provided by Slack:

- To bold, surround your text with asterisks: *your text*

- To italicize, surround your text with underscores: _your text_

- To quote, add angled brackets (>) before your text:

Quote one sentence (>>> Quote multiple sentences)

- To format a list, begin your message with a number or a bullet (•)

- To format inline code, surround your text with back quote symbols (`)

- Triple the quote symbols to format blocks of text (```blocks of text```)

Since hyperlinks aren't supported by Slack, we have a workaround:

[the word/expression pointing to the link](the URL)

I.e: [Left us a feedback!]( became Left us a feedback!

Horizontal rule

Type <hr> to add a horizontal line across the page.

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