All you need to know about MailClark configuration

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Every MailClark customer is unique and needs to set up MailClark according to his own use of it. Here are the options offered by our integration:

⚙️ General Settings

Signature, sender name and communication preferences

From MailClark settings, you'll have a chance to set up your signature and sender name.

You can also manage your communication preferences from there.

Connect/disconnect services

Still from your Settings Page:

- Click the "Connect a new account" to… connect a new account! 😉

- Or click on an account to access the options attached, including the "Disconnect" one.

✉️ Email Settings

O365 email account

The O365 Mail adapter comes with filters options and the ability to enable (or not) original email in replies.

Gmail account

If you have connected Gmail account to Microsoft Teams, we offer your several options (that you can set up from your Settings Page)

- Set up filters to decide which emails belong to Microsoft Teams

- Decide if you want to post in Teams the emails you send from Gmail.

- By default we'll use the sender name and signature you've set in Gmail. You can decide to use another one for messages sent from Teams.

- Choose whether or not to include the original emails in replies.

Email account connected via IMAP

Once you've connected your email account using IMAP, set up your signature/sender name and decide if you'd like to include the original email in replies. email addresses

When you create an email address with MailClark, we let you customize the left part of the email address.

As for the other emails account, you can decide whether or not to include the original emails in replies and set up your signature/sender name.

📱 Facebook & Twitter Settings

The Facebook adapter comes with a option to synchronize sent messages: This posts in MS Teams the messages you send from Facebook.

Once you've connected a Twitter account, choose which messages you'd like to receive in the channel: Only Mentions, only DMs or both.

You can also decide whether or not to post in Microsoft Teams the messages you send from Twitter.

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