What are the limits of MailClark 2.0 Free Plan?

Updated 4 weeks ago by Floriane

When adding MailClark for the first time, we let you try the Premium plan of MailClark free of charge for a month.

After the one-month free trial, you'll have the choice between paying for the Premium plan or reverting to the Free plan.

If you go with the Free plan:

- We allow only one user on your account: the one who installed MailClark.

- You'd be allowed to connect 3 differents accounts. (Easy forwarding is limited for free users.)

- If you invite an Email guest, you'll be authorized to add up to 3 guests in the list.

If you're familiar with the previous pricing of MailClark, you'd be happy to learn that you're no longer limited on the amount of messages sent/received every month!

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