How to create a Gmail filter

Updated 1 month ago by Floriane

Our Gmail integration offers several options to filters emails received in Slack or those received in Teams. But you might be looking for something more customized.
Try our option "Use Gmail filters" and create a filter in Gmail by following these few steps: 

  1. Find the forwarding email address linked to the channel, from the settings page.
  2. Add the  email address provided by MailClark as a forwarding address in your Gmail account
    From > ⚙️ > Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP > Forwarding > Add a forwarding address

    Make sure to keep the option "Disable forwarding" checked, otherwise ALL your emails will be forwarded
  3. Go back to your Gmail homepage
  4. Define your needs and create the filter
  5. Add the email address provided by MailClark as a forwarding address

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