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While your team communicates internally in Slack, your customers and suppliers still use emails to contact you. MailClark offers several options to manage their requests from Slack, collectively with your teammates.

I.e: Have everybody in a Slack channel receiving and answering the emails sent to, or creating a dedicate email address for an important client (such as


You're now ready to receive, reply and send new email from Slack.
To stay organized, you can use Slack threads or create dedicated channels for each clients/suppliers.

You can mention team members whenever you need help to answer an email. MailClark lets you write messages to each other in conversation channels.

Also, if a team member has already replied to an inquiry, MailClark lets you know the email has been taken care of.

Some tips:
- If you find you’re creating too many channels by replying to so many emails, you can change your view settings to only see the important ones. Follow Slack’s guide on organizing your channels.

Reaction emojis or “reacjis” can also be useful for tagging or classifying certain types of messages (reacjis are searchable).

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