How do I change an email address I already connected to Slack?

Updated 1 month ago by Floriane

Once you use MailClark to connect an email address to a Slack channel, you can change the email address anytime.

  1. Type Settings in a DM with MailClark. 
  2.  In the "Edit settings" field, choose the channel you connected to email.
  3. Click "Edit Settings" 
  4. In the settings page, click "edit"
  5. Click "use your own domain"
  6. Type your email address.

  7. MailClark will recognize your email provider and automatically fill for you all the informations required to connect your account.  Just enter your password to confirm your identity and you're done.

If MailClark doesn't recognize your email provider, you'll have to fill the IMAP/SMTP informations to connect the account.

Once you have your email address set up, you can try to send a new email to see how it works!

Remember, if you need help during the process, you can contact our team via a Slack DM to MailClark or at

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