Send emails to & from Slack

Make email truly collaborative

Are all emails in your personal inbox really personal? How many times a day do you forward emails to colleagues?

What you need is a team inbox and there’s no better place for it than Slack. In Slack, you already collaborate on GitHub issues, Asana tasks or InVision mockups. Now with MailClark for Slack, collaborate on emails and improve your team’s email productivity.

Discover MailClark, the email bot for Slack

Emails are part of your team’s memory

Slack is your team’s hub where everything is searchable: messages, files, commits, everything. Well, almost everything. Unfortunately email communications with clients, suppliers or partners are kept in personal inboxes even though they belong to your entire team’s memory. With MailClark, bring those important emails to Slack and make Slack search even more powerful.

A flexible email clerk

Inboxes or email groups? One global #inbox for all emails, or several dedicated #support, #sales & #jobs inboxes?
Move conversations to dedicated channels or reply to all emails in the same channel?

MailClark won’t impose a workflow on your team. He gives you the options to manage emails the way you want.