About permissions

Why does MailClark request several Slack permissions?

  • Confirm your identity: Every Slack app requests this permission. It is necessary to identify you.
  • Modify information about your channels: This allows MailClark to create channels. MailClark will only create a channel if you ask him to—e.g. connect a Facebook page to a new channel.
  • Send messages as MailClark: In response to his users’ actions, MailClark often posts a message—e.g. he notifies the channel when an email/message has been sent out.
  • Add a bot user with the username @mailclark: This allows you to interact with MailClark via Direct Message (e.g. edit settings, get help) and to invite him to channels that you want to connect to emails or other services.


MailClark for Slack — Permissions requested

I have more questions about MailClark

No problem, visit our Help Center and feel free to contact us if you don’t find an answer to your questions.