Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MailClark for free?

Yes, you can use MailClark for free! No credit card required, your first inbox is free. However, it has some limitations—check out the pricing for the details.

How does MailClark work?

Our Quick Start Guide should answer your question. If it doesn’t, visit our Help Center where you’ll find more answers to your questions.

What happens to my Slack team’s data?

We don’t keep your Slack team’s messages and files and don’t read through your emails & tweets. For more details, read our Help Center’s Privacy & Security category and our privacy policy.

How’s it different from Slack’s official Email & Twitter integrations?

Slack’s official integrations only allows you to receive emails & tweets. MailClark is a both-ways integration, so you can send and reply to emails & tweets directly in Slack. MailClark also offers email groups.

Why does MailClark request several permissions when I add it to Slack?

  • Confirm your identity: Every Slack app requests this permission. It is necessary to identify you.
  • Modify information about your channels: This permission allows MailClark to create channels in your team’s Slack. To improve organization, he can create channels dedicated to certain senders.
  • Send messages as MailClark: In response to his users’ actions, MailClark may post a message—e.g. he notifies the channel when an email or tweet has been sent out.
  • Add a bot user with the username @mailclark: This allows you to interact with MailClark (e.g. settings) and to contact our Support Team for questions or comments by sending a Direct Message to MailClark.
MailClark for Slack — Permissions requested

What happens to my emails & tweets if I remove MailClark?

As MailClark is simply an integration to your Slack team, if you remove it your Slack data will not change, and you will retain all of your emails & tweets.

What if I want to spread the word about MailClark?

Great idea, thanks! You can start with a tweet or post on Facebook.

If you plan on writing a blog post or article, download our press kit for logos, photos & more brand assets that you can use. And of course, for any questions, feel free to reach us at email us. We’ll answer from Slack ;)