Send email to Slack

Send email to Slack with MailClark, the email bot

MailClark is your team’s bot for external communications. It allows you to both send and receive emails in Slack.

You'd like to send email to Slack? Our Slack integration is easy to set up! In just a few clicks, add MailClark to your Slack team and invite him to your preferred channel. You’re ready to send email to Slack.


A Slack integration to send all your messages to Slack: email, Twitter & Facebook

You work in Slack, clients are on social medias and some colleagues prefer email. Communications can be a mess sometimes.

Our Slack app allows you to connect your company’s social medias to Slack, as well as your emails so you keep all your messages in Slack. Email, Facebook or Twitter, when a customer tries to reach you, receive and answer the message in Slack.

Facebook, Twitter, Email To Slack
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Set up MailClark to forward emails to Slack

How many times a day do you have to forward emails to your colleagues? How many newsletters have you missed just because they've got lost in the crowd of hundreds of other emails?

With MailClark, forward emails to Slack, sort them into different channels and share the important ones with your colleagues.

Why would you send email to Slack?

Connect your email to Slack in just a few steps

Connect MailClark to Slack is as easy as clicking buttons.

Just Invite MailClark to a channel, click the `Email` button & follow the instructions.

For more details, take a look at our quick start guide or contact our support team in a DM with MailClark or by email at We are always happy to help!