Using One Inbox To Focus On What Matters: Helping People

MailClark Success Story Customer Kenneth P. Pages
Kenneth P. Pages
MailClark Success Story Company Tms Of South Tampa
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Using Technologies As Leverage For Medical Progress

TMS of South Tampa is an organization created in 2013 to help people suffering from depression with an innovative treatment method. It is run by Kenneth Pages, MD, an experienced doctor in TMS treatment who believes in providing a non-invasive, non-medicine based alternative treatment of depression. It was originally a traditional psychiatric practice which transitioned to an advanced therapy practice focused on patient-care excellence.

Email Management Is Key To Successful Workflow

“ 100% of our support team uses MailClark. ”

As a practice, the staff of TMS of South Tampa has to take care of daily tasks such as patients inquiries, appointments or prescription follow-ups. Emails are an everyday issue that requires attention and time. What is even more complicated is to make sure that everyone in the staff has access to complete administrative information to offer the best patient care possible. The team was already using a workspace to ease sharing of information but they needed something a little more advanced to be even more efficient.

Manage Everything From One Shared Inbox

By adding MailClark to their workspace more than having regular information, the staff was finally able to access emails. This meant that everybody could read, reply and know about the next patient’s appointment, be reactive to send out prescriptions or simply provide support when a question was asked. External messages are no longer a problem, and the internal workflow is easier.

“ It keeps everything we need to know at our fingertips. ”

Communications Are Centralized And Collaboration Improved

The added value of MailClark to TMS can be summarized by Dr. Pages’ typical scenario. If he is out of the office, through MailClark he can remain connected and available to patients and get the staff to take care of them. It is simple and has enabled the team to save time and monitor everything seamlessly. There are close to no redundant requests coming in and all messages can be sorted out and accessed through different dedicated channels. The whole support team uses MailClark to manage external communications successfully.