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Dominic Germann
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St. galen, Switzerland

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Managing A Volunteering Organization With Effective Collaboration

PIECES is a non-profit organization dedicated to education for children in developing countries through volunteering initiatives. It was founded in 2009 by Swiss students from the University of St. Gallen. After volunteering abroad as part of their Master curriculum, the group of student thought of this project. PIECES has now evolved into a gathering of 9 board members, advisory board members and more than thirty active members. To coordinate collaboratively the activity of the organization, the team chose to use Slack. Prior to this, they were operating through WhatsApp, which was not the most adapted app to separate personal and professional topics.

Coordinating The Sharing Of Information Is No Easy Enterprise

As they receive approximately 150 emails a month, it is complicated to keep everybody up to date. Indeed, not every member of PIECES was checking their mailboxes as regularly as others. It made discussions about email management less clear. This is why Dominic Germann, fellow advisory board member, looked for a complementary app. He was aiming to ease internal communications about external messages. This way, everybody would be able to see and know what were the latest event sign-ups or applications in the organization. By connecting their Facebook Page to Slack through MailClark, they could also answer people’s questions more directly.

Collaboration Goes Hand In Hand With Centralization

By adding MailClark to their Slack workspace, PIECES did exactly this. By popping in a dedicated channel, every member on Slack could easily see new emails. That way, no one was left behind on conversations nor the organization’s new activity. It centralized the external communications for the team and eased their daily management. It enabled them to use one less tools -since they stopped using WhatsApp, Facebook, Weebly or sometimes even Gmail directly- when working for the organization. This is one of MailClark’s benefits: as an integrated app, it works directly in the workspace, whether it is Microsoft Teams or Slack. It is not taking another app’s slot or space, which is very handy.

“ MailClark extremely helped us in keeping track of the events' sign-ups and applications. ”

An Integrated App To Maximize Your Workspace Experience

To better summarize PIECES’ MailClark experience, Dominic shared his viewpoint with us. Thanks to MailClark, when a new sign-up happens, the automatic email sent for confirmation is also sent in a channel. It avoids sending emails to private inboxes and ensures everybody sees the content of the email in the workspace. What is even better is that applicants’ emails show up in the channel and can be reviewed and pushed much sooner.