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MailClark Success Story Customer Constance Chen
Constance Chen
MailClark Success Story Company Seattle Indies
Puget sound area, seattle, Usa

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Gathering Indie Game Developers And Lovers To Build A Lively Community

Seattle Indies was created in 2011 by two people in the Puget Sound area. Being at first a group chat, it quickly turned into an association as more game developers joined the project. Their idea to provide a place and group for indie game developers caught on and grew. In 2014, a merger with a game co-op made Seattle Indies even bigger and more resourceful to host events. Two years ago, the association finally registered as an official non-profit organization. Seattle Indies now gathers 14 people, board members and volunteers, to liven up a community of approximately 3,000 fellow members. Their community can interact with them through Facebook, Twitter and dedicated email addresses. This equates to diverse communications channels and requires permanent management.

Using A Workspace App To Lift Customer Support Management

“ Your product hit all my requirements and more - I was beyond thrilled that not only did you support emails but Facebook and Twitter as well! ”

As multiple other companies, Seattle Indies were using Slack as their collaborative workspace of choice. Constance wanted to improve customer support and needed a tool to do it. She was looking for a way to synchronize several email inboxes to Slack. Naturally, she googled this and compared various eligible workspace apps. She found MailClark and thought its features were most fitted to her expectations. The issue of centralizing all accounts lied in their diversity. Looking after different platforms becomes hardly manageable for a single person as an organization expands. A level of automation is necessary and the means to obtain it precious.

Using The Right Time-Saving Tool, To Enable The Right Outcome

Having settled for a collaborative workspace is already a great way to save time on a daily basis, especially when most of your working time is spent on a computer. Although this is true, it is not sufficient. Adopting effective collaborative practices to manage projects can take time and several attempts to become successful. Fortunately, there are integrated apps like MailClark which have been designed exactly to help teams to gain valuable time over task management and notably communication management.

“ MailClark greatly improved our team transparency and availability for email communications. ”

Get A Smart Assistant To Help You At Work

Constance told us about how MailClark has eased her day-to-day workload management through centralization. Instead of having notifications popping out from several accounts, everything is located in Slack. She can keep her phone storage slim and collaborate simply on emails replies. Overall, Constance has been using the app at work for a while, so to witness its evolution and improvements. She is very happy with the value it brings to her and her coworkers.