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MailClark Success Story Customer Kaylen Steele
Kaylen Steele
MailClark Success Story Company Gg&F
California, Usa

3 MailClark users in the company

100% of our emails in MailClark get attended to and are not missed

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A Built-In Smart Assistant To Help Defenders Of Workers’ Rights

Kaylen Steele is part of a law firm of approximately 25 collaborators specializing in protecting injured worker rights. The firm involves four offices located in different areas of California in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Bakersfield. The firm was originally founded by Allan Ghitterman in 1956, to focus especially on workers’ compensation. Today, GG&F also protects rights of those with personal injuries, on social security disability, or with criminal or bankruptcy claims. GG&F collaborators have decided to use Slack to ease internal collaboration and communication between each office at the beginning of this year.

Optimizing Email Management For A Small Association Of Experts

The slack channel dedicated to customer support of gg&f

The different people using the collaborative workspace are generally very busy in managing a specific aspect of the firm’s activities. Indeed, in Kaylen’s office, there are 3 collaborators active in Slack: a managing partner, marketing staff, and a calendar clerk. This is the reason why optimizing resources is a more crucial factor to them than an average-sized company in contributing to the business’ steady workflow. To support this optimization of resources, MailClark was installed by the team to automate certain tasks.

Increased Collaboration Equates To Less Resources Wasted

The team searched for a tool which could enable them to manage all communication, internal and external, in their collaborative workspace: Slack. Given the regularity of exchanges with customers, Kaylen and her co-workers wanted to automate their daily management of emails. This is exactly the issue that MailClark solves. It centralizes emails in a dedicated channel so that the need to switch between inboxes tabs and work tabs was made superfluous.

“ MailClark helps ensure no new client email gets lost in the shuffle. ”

Bid Farewell To Inbox Saturation, Say Hello To Steady Communications

As Kaylen says very simply, being able to read, double-check and manage emails directly from the channel allows the collaborators’ to gain a greater freedom and organization at work. It also contributes to reducing the inboxes’ saturation for all collaborators. It makes a better usage of the limited human resources at work. By optimizing human resources, all collaborators are able to better focus on their core job responsibilities.