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MailClark Success Story Customer Rando Wiltschek
Rando Wiltschek
MailClark Success Story Company Extra Nice
Leeuwarden, The netherlands

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Easing External Communications Begins With Internal Communications

Extra Nice was created in 2015, when two game designers and one programmer got together to start making small independent games in Leeuwarden, in the Netherlands. They develop games and interactive software for both companies and individuals. It is an innovative way to promote projects by using entertaining content. Besides this, the trio has also been developing their own game project. To work more efficiently and collectively, the team soon chose to use a collaborative workspace to ease internal communication and information workflow.

“ Everyone is involved and can see what’s going on. It’s very helpful. ”

As A Small Team Of People, Work Collaboration Bears An Important Fallout

Extra Nice started out with 3 collaborators, having to switch between their business activity, their personal projects and the whole follow up of customers’ satisfaction, project advancement, and many more other important tasks. The question remains: how is it possible to find time to take care of all these responsibilities in a single week to avoid completely falling behind? The best place to start is time optimization and efficient team collaboration.

Using The Right Time-Saving Tool, To Enable The Right Outcome

“ With MailClark we respond directly with the contact email address which is really handy for us. ”

Having settled for a collaborative workspace is already a great way to save time on a daily basis, especially when most of your working time is spent on a computer. Although this is true, it is not sufficient. Adopting effective collaborative practices to manage projects can take time and several attempts to become successful. Fortunately, there are integrated apps like MailClark which have been designed exactly to help teams to gain valuable time over task management and notably communication management.

Optimizing Your Internal And External Communications Gets You More Productive

As Rando explains simply, MailClark has provided him and his team with an easy way to see emails. They can take care of replies directly from a channel dedicated to customer support. Through MailClark, the collaborators of Extra Nice were avoiding going in the web browser to do so. They do not have to log into their email inbox to open emails, and can reply to them faster. The need to fuss over numerous tabs is gone and instead, focus diverts on making great games.