Keeping In Touch With Hundreds Of Fellow Association Members Has Never Been So Easy

MailClark Success Story Customer Nelly Bourhis
Nelly Bourhis
MailClark Success Story Company Mampreneures
Paris, France

& 14 other cities

22 MailClark users in the company

1 to 2 hour(s) saved weekly thanks to centralization

Connected accounts used:

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Mampreneures Keeps Their Associative Activities Running With Mailclark

Mampreneures is an associative network which aims at promoting women entrepreneurship all around France. Based in 14 different cities and planning on extending further throughout the country, this non-profit organization helps women with children to find a balance between their business life and personal life. This association was created in 2009 and currently accounts for 250 members.
Given the number of members within the organization and their remote location from one another, Nelly and her collaborators have turned to a workplace platform to ease their internal communication. It enables the whole of the associated regional branches to communicate simply with one another and to keep the information up to date.

Inform Everyone Through Centralization

A gathering of several women from the mampreneures association

The association organizes networking events to promote women entrepreneurship and hence, has to manage quantities of emails daily. Ensuring the follow-up of information and of each email from one branch to the main office or in-between branches would have been a tricky job, this is the reason why Nelly decided to solve this situation by integrating the MailClark bot assistant to the association workspace.
The idea of linking MailClark to the platform simply came to her, as she was already familiar with this tool as she had been using it for other personal projects.

Manage A Network Of Hundreds Of Members, Anywhere, Anytime

By choosing MailClark, Mampreneures’ members were able to collectively take care of email management thoroughly by replying to emails from the workspace interface. As they manage approximately 14 Facebook Pages, it was all the more so handy for them to connect those to their workspace with the help of MailClark. Members often work by pairs to sort out email queries, and thanks to the integrated app, are able to know clearly who has replied to an email and when it was done.

“ It included everything [...] whereas some of the competition required to add yet another tool. ”

Gain Time, Transparency And Flexibility With One App

From Nelly’s perception, MailClark gave her greater transparency of information circulating between collaborators and shortened the average email reply time. It centralizes management for different types of accounts in a single platform. It has provided her with a complete, multi-featured solution which is adapted to her needs and criteria. She enjoys the flexibility of usage which the assistant offers, or the fact that the information is kept private and secure between administrative members in a dedicated channel.