How To Enhance Your Customer Support With One Powerful Integration Tool

MailClark Success Story Customer Paul Armbruster
Paul Armbruster
MailClark Success Story Company Independent Agency
Paris, France

4-5 MailClark users in the company with

80% of time dedicated to replies saved thanks to MC

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Wildster Chooses To Optimize Email Management With Mailclark

wildster is an independent agency specialized in startups which was created in 2013. Their consulting activities first served to accompany a Franco-Dutch commercial real estate investment company, Unibail Rodamco. Other users have also included one of the biggest shopping malls in France, La Part-Dieu, or even Uber.
Located in the French capital, Wildster has since then developed to help multiple startups with their advertising strategies. It has also contributed to accelerating the growth of such small structures. As their business flourished, the need for a collaborative tool to enable a steady channel for customer support soon arose as the 3 collaborators were working from different places.

Picking The Right Workspace Integration Tool

“ Centralization is the main value of MailClark. ”

Wildster’s day-to-day activities included a lot of recurring tasks such as: replying to emails from customers or handling suppliers orders and keeping track of all external communications tools.
As Paul was browsing through comparison websites reviews to find the most fitting tool, he came across the MailClark assistant bot. He quickly installed it and gave it a try to see how well it could coordinate and harmonize all communications, both internal and external.

How Beneficial Is Mailclark’s Email Management Solution?

How did MailClark bring value to Wildster’s daily work life? From a single workplace, any involved co-worker can easily collect, sort and dispatch emails.
For instance, by linking Wildster’s instant chat to their workplace using the MailClark bot, Paul and his collaborators were able to answer customers questions more effectively. By pinging the members in the channel, the best-fitted coworker is able to see the question and to reply to it in a timely fashion.

“ It included everything [...] whereas some of the competition required to add yet another tool. ”

In Which Ways Is Your Communication Optimized?

According to Paul, it is an affordable service which enables any collaborator and their teammates to be kept on the same page. It helps to handle external communications by unifying internal communication and by facilitating customer relationship management. Thanks to MailClark, Paul and his teammates were able to make and take clear collaborative decisions and to save time to focus on other important tasks. Centralization of tasks into one space is key to optimizing any schedule, so why not start with one of the foundation pillars of every organization: communications?