The Email Environment and Tendencies Summarized in 9 Figures For 2018/2019

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If you are working, involved in an association or simply subscribed to a newsletter (probably more than one), you use email on a daily basis.

Although it is normal, do you know how much time your are devoting to it? Can you give an estimate of the number of emails you send or receive in a day?

According to the Radicati Group, specializing in information collection, the number of email users worldwide should continue to grow over the next couple of years. In correlation to this, the number of emails sent and received in the context of work will also rise.

Another interesting phenomenon is the multiplication of accounts per email user. It means that people are using emails for different purposes and need several accounts to support their activities.

The most striking and telling values of the lot surely are the number of hours spent daily on email management. It affects everyone and every age range of workers. As we can observe, younger workers tend to spend slightly less time on emails than older workers.

What about you: are you tired of spending so much time on email management? Do you also wish you could put all the inbox organization tips into action and turn the inbox zero dream into a reality?