10 Tips to Successfully Launch a New app on Slack

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This morning you woke up with a great application idea, a web app that seems revolutionary-telling yourself Slack seems to be the ideal workspace to develop it.

Well, we wish you all the best BUT please take few minutes to read this article. It could really help you to avoid some fatal errors.


Super Slack app idea VS Reality

You’re probably going think you really know well what to do before getting your hands dirty. Have you checked these 3 points below?


  1. Error #1 : To listen your friends and family
    First, be sure to bring a real benefit to your future Slack users.
    It’s cool to hear your friends saying ‘Wow, great idea! I’ll buy it if it exists!’. Don’t be modest, you love when someone tells your smart ;) Are you sure a Slacker would like to get this app?
    To do : Test the idea on neutral people to figure out real benefits.

  2. Error #2 : To think your app will please and be used by everyone on Slack
    Secondly, know who your application is for. To succeed in making an app, you need to reach a specific target. An application for baby diapers on Slack, will surely not address business men. (Really? A businessman can’t have children?!). Slack integration means being useful in the daily lives of users.
    To do : Identify a core target group.

  3. Error #3 : To think you’re the Mark Zuckerberg of the year
    Thirdly, be aware of competitors. There are a lots!
    You’re probably not the only person to have a good idea. Yes, we know, life is hard! We highly recommend you have a look at your competitors.
    To do : Carefully watch the market.

Once these 3 steps are done, you can focus on something VERY important in the ‘cruel world of applications’, the on-boarding for your futures users.


What is a good on-boarding for users on Slack?


An on-boarding process allows users to easily integrate your application, and allows you to adhere to the product from the very first use. Do not miss the on-boarding! This is the first impression the user will have of your application.

  1. One-step setup
    Click, add some information and let’s start to use!
    People don’t like configuration : The shorter, the better!

  2. Quick understanding
    Don’t forget some people are not familiar with new app, as you could be. Therefore, you should include some quick tips to easily use your app. For instance, a short text with a screenshot or a video. You should explain step by step. It’s essential to guide users by highlighting the important concepts of your application.

  3. Localized experience
    Would you like to get a French app if you were Russian? Of course, no! It’s always better when users can work in their own language. Beyond the language, you must take care about local habits and processes. Some people are used to finding clickable buttons on the left side, others on the right side. You must ensure that you meet local habits.


A good Slack app is made by nice people


There are 4 rules to respect as a good Slack developer. Check it here.

  1. Look after your users
    Don’t stay too far from your users. Give them a real support and help them. They always need you, and you always need them.

  2. It’s difficult to make everyone happy…
    You have to make up your mind. Nobody ever agrees. Your web app will not be unanimously appreciated. ‘I don’t like this button’, ‘Why did you change this color?’, ‘How? I can’t anymore use this?!’ It’s not just the French who are grumpy! You need to prove how useful you are but expect for eternal criticism.

  3. People love to learn
    Every day we learn. Teaching people how to use your application is important. You need to engage users by getting them to practice. Give them tricks and tips, e.g at MailClark we give some tips like “How to attach a file to an email?”. Feed them with information that matters in their day-to-day lives.

  4. Less is more
    Fewer commands don’t mean fewer features. Really think about that!
    As an ordinary user, you like when it’s easy to use. To be purist is the best way to handle a new product for everyone. This is an intergalactic truth. The most natural way to interact is probably clicking. That’s all!


Don’t be shy, ask to Slackers what they really like, use, play, sing… Carefully observe their behavior. Change a feature, test a button, make this thing evolve, delete this, etc. You constantly must evolve with your users.
Anyway, you will discover some mistakes you could avoid in the future and discover also some good practices.

Find more good practices watching this video: