Live chat with your site visitors directly from Slack

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How many visitors leave your website every month with no engaging action, because they haven’t found the answer to their question? Avoid this and transform your visitors in customers by offering them a support right from your website, thanks to the new Messenger Customer-Chat plugin.

Now that users can contact you via your website, they’ll expect a quick answer. The best way to make sure your support team gets the customers’ requests on time, is to bring messages directly to the place where your teammates work: Slack.

Before going further, let’s start with the very beginning: how to add a live-chat plugin on your website?

New live chat tool by Messenger

Messenger has announced the launch of the Messenger customer chat plugin. Although it is still in Beta, the plugin is already used by several companies such as Zalando or Air France - KLM .

The whole process to add the plugin to your website is explained step-by-step on their “Facebook for developers” platform. If this sounds too technical for you, ask your developer to add it for you.

Messenger customer chat

Only visitors with a Facebook account will be able to contact you via this plugin since it requires to be logged as a Facebook user.

Connect the live-chat app to Slack

You might have a few concerns about this live-chat-thing tho: It’s one more way to contact your company which means one more chance to make visitors wait for an answer if your team is not connected to Facebook all day long.

That’s the part where MailClark helps!

Since it brings Facebook messages to Slack, MailClark will also post messages sent from this live-chat plugin. Once the customer’s message is posted in a Slack channel, you’ll be able to answer directly from there.

Live chat with MailClark

Bonus: You no longer need to connect to Facebook to answer messages, so you stay focused on your job instead of being distracted by cat’s videos 😂

Improve the user experience

Customize the Plugin with your brand colors, add a welcome message… there is lot you can do to make sure it is easy and clear for your users to contact you via this live-chat.

You’ll find all of these options in the “settings menu” of your Facebook Page Interface.

Page settings: Messenger platform

Since this feature is pretty new, we’d love to have your feedback on how it works for you! No matter if you reach us via a Slack DM, an email, Twitter or Facebook, we’ll receive and answer your message from Slack 😉