Improve productivity in Slack

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The new MailClark integrations menu makes it easier and faster to sync all of your communication to Slack. (Just one more step towards making your work life more organized and productive.)

What is MailClark?

MailClark is a bot that connects your email, Twitter and Facebook business pages to Slack. You can link a support or email group to a dedicated Slack channel, so your team won’t have to switch back and forth from email and Slack. You can also email directly from Slack and have emails sent from your work email address. And you won’t ever miss customer tweets or Facebook messages, without having to leave Slack.

For example, your customer success team may spend most of their time in Slack, but need to jump to another platform to check customer emails. By funneling all customer emails into a dedicated Slack channel, your team can jump on the requests immediately, pull in product experts quickly, and triage customers into their own channels – all without leaving Slack.

Connect your accounts

To connect your email account in Slack, just follow these 4 steps:

Step 1: Type help in a DM with MailClark and click “Connect services”

Step 2: After you’re redirected to your browser: Click the account you want to sync.

Gmail, Facebook and Twitter have an easy authentication process - meaning you can link your account in just two clicks.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, then we’ll do the work by populating your IMAP information automatically.

First, click the “Email” icon.

MailClark welcome page

Step 3: Type your email address.

Step 4: MailClark will recognize your email provider and automatically fill in the rest of the information needed to link your account.

Just enter your password to confirm your identity and you’re done!

IMAP settings in MailClark

Sending emails from Slack

Once you have your email address set up, you can try to send a new email to see how it works!

Step 1: Go to the Slack channel you connected your email address to.

Step 2: Type @mailclark (the email address of the person you want to reach).

Step 3: After this, MailClark will ask if you want to send the email from the current Slack channel or if you want to create a new channel for this email (maybe for a hot new sales lead).

Step 4: Type out your message. For line breaks, press shift + enter.

Step 5: Preview your email, edit the from or to email addresses, edit the subject, and more. You can even attach a file. Or just hit send email.

Once you’re ready, hit send and you’re done!

Share MailClark With Your Team

Now that you have MailClark set up, share the power of your new bot with your teammates.

  • If you’ve linked a shared email address to a Slack channel (e.g. or, invite other teammates in this email group to the Slack channel.
  • Get more of your team’s information inside Slack when teammates add their email accounts to dedicated Slack channels. The channels can be set to private, but messages that they want to share can easily be shared from their private Slack channel to a public one. Share this handy getting started article with your teammates.

The more your team can move its work onto one platform, the more time everyone will save finding the information they need and sharing it freely with key stakeholders!