MailClark goes to Web Summit 2017

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Staying on top of email at Web Summit with MailClark email integration for Slack

MailClark team for email integration for Slack From left to right: MailClark CEO Anthony Bleton-Martin, Director of Marketing Esther Kim-Trapadoux, and Communications Officer Floriane Garde

How did you stay sane at Web Summit 2017? While an incredible opportunity for the tech community, there is no denying that it was challenging to prioritise new contacts met at the conference while staying connected to the team (and work) at home.

But prioritisation and staying organised matters, especially when you’re juggling internal and external communication across multiple platforms.

For MailClark customers attending Web Summit, MailClark quietly worked in the background. Be it emails, tweets, or Facebook messages, MailClark sorted external and internal communication in the proper channels, and sent cheerful nudges when something needed their attention.


Keep messages in one place with MailClark email integration for Slack

With MailClark, teams were able to gather all of their new external contacts directly into Slack with MailClark’s email integration — making it easy to launch new threads and channels with people they just met inside their Slack or Microsoft Teams channels.

Team members spent less time jumping from platform to platform to email potential customers about their product and then jumping back to a Slack channel to discuss internally.

Here are a few things we experienced while MailClark kept us connected with our new Web Summit friends:

1. Discussed productivity tools with Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield.

A private huddle between MailClark CEO Anthony Bleton-Martin and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield to discuss the future of work, productivity, the Slack developer community, and MailClark.

Slack MailClark email integration for Slack MailClark CEO Anthony Bleton-Martin and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield

2. Showed off Slack threads, now available through the MailClark email integration for Slack.

We demoed MailClark to over 75 companies, across 20 countries.

It was the perfect moment to showcase our latest integration with Slack threads to keep email, Facebook, and twitter conversations organized inside Slack.

MailClark email integration for Slack at Web Summit 2017 MailClark stand at Web Summit 2017 showing off new integration with Slack threads

3. Bonded with the French tech community and other start ups across the French startup ecosystem.

(Where it became sadly known that there is no equivalent to the French word “l’apero” in the English language.)

French tech start ups French tech start ups at Web Summit 2017 including: WeReport, Tillkee, Beasyness, and MailClark

4. Pitched MailClark to Mike Butcher, TechCrunch Europe Editor-at-Large, and an audience of passionate, fearless founders.

TechCrunch Mike Butcher and MailClark CEO Anthony Bleton-Martin Link to full pitch here

5. Danced all night at the La French Tech party in downtown Lisbon.

La French Tech Web Summit Party La French Tech party at Web Summit 2017 Lisbon

At Web Summit, some called MailClark a bot, others categorised us as AI.

But for us, we focus on one thing: creating space for our customers to worry less about where information is stored and focus more on the work that matters.

Thank you everyone that stopped by the MailClark booth to learn more. It was wonderful meeting each of you and we loved hearing how you could imagine bringing MailClark onto your team.

If you were at WebSummit and we didn’t meet, email to learn about our special Web Summit attendee offer.