Conversation threading: your perfect inbox in Slack

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Your inbox in Slack just got better: MailClark is now using Slack threads to keep your conversations organized. Thanks to this new feature, Slack + MailClark is now the perfect app for shared inboxes. Threaded conversations are available for all our integrations: Email, Twitter & Facebook.

How threads work

Before all, check your inbox settings to make sure the ‘Conversation threading’ option is on.

When you receive a new email/message, simply press the ‘Reply’ button—MailClark will set up a Slack thread for you.

If you’re already familiar with Slack threads, no need to press ‘Reply’, you can directly use the ‘Start a new thread’ button

Compose your message in the thread’s text box and press Enter. MailClark will automatically come up with a preview of your reply together with various options for emails (add/remove recipients, edit the subject line, attach files) and tweets (switch to DM/tweet). You can keep on typing if you have something to add, or hit the green ‘Send’ button if your message is ready to be sent out.

For more details and tips on threads, read Slack’s guide to using threads.

Never miss a message

With this new option, only the first message of a conversation is posted in the channel. All replies, either made in Slack or from other recipients, are posted in a thread. Worried you might miss an important message? MailClark’s got you covered: He’ll post an alert in the channel with the messages in thread left unanswered (if a message doesn’t need a reply, MailClark will only notify you once).

What about the “sub-channels”?

In MailClark jargon (which we try to avoid using!), a sub-channel is a channel dedicated to a given sender which stems from the inbox—e.g. #su-john-doe stemming from #support. These channels are created with the ‘Reply (new channel)’ functionality.

Sub-channels allowed for a first form of threading before Slack threads were released. Even though you’ll probably create a lot less of them now with MailClark’s conversation threading, sub-channels are a great for:

  • Creating dedicated channels for your VIP clients;
  • Decluttering your inbox by routing newsletters and notifications to separate channels;
  • Managing who’s following the conversation—channel members are easier to keep track of than thread followers.

You’ll find ‘Move to new channel’ in the ‘All actions’ menu attached to every incoming message in your inbox.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback is very important to us! Please contact us to tell us what you (dis)like or share your ideas on how to improve threads.

Stay tuned for more product announcements, this is only the beginning of more greatness to come 😉