The French Tech from Lyon & Grenoble at Web Summit 2016

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From November 7th to 10th, over 51 000 CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders will meet in Lisbon at Europe’s largest technology conference: the Web Summit 2016. We at MailClark wouldn’t miss this huge tech event!

We’ll feel at home in Lisbon as the French Tech from Lyon & Grenoble will be out in force at Web Summit. Here is the (almost) exhaustive list of this important French delegation travelling to Portugal.

Exhibiting startups from Lyon & Grenoble

French Tech Lyon & Grenoble at Web Summit 2016

  • MailClark – Stand B-220, BETA Exhibition Area of Pavilion 2, day 3 (Thursday 10th)
    MailClark is your team’s bot for external communications, available on Slack & Microsoft Teams.

  • TilkeeFrench Tech Pavillon by Business France, day 2 (Wednesday 9th)
    Tilkee predicts sales & optimizes follow-up by analyzing how your contact reads your biz proposals.
    (Tip: to meet Tilkee’s CEO Sylvain Tillon, look for the fox!)

  • Swabbl – Stand B-110, BETA Exhibition Area of Pavilion 3, day 2 (Wednesday 9th)
    “Publish your business needs and get qualified leads thanks to your professional networks”
    Swabbl is headquartered in La Tour du Web, two floors below MailClark.

  • Squadata
    Squadata helps companies manage data to increase their profitability.

  • Nelio
    “High quality groceries delivered in an hour, with diversified & innovative income sources”

  • Runnin’City by LM Sport Tourism
    Runnin’City is a GPS-driven Smartphone app that allows you to run and visit over 100 of the nicest cities around the world.
    If you fancy a run while in Lisbon, they’re organizing Web Summit Running Tours.

  • PhoneCall – Stand A-542 in the SaaS Exhibition Area of Pavilion 1, day 3 (Thursday 10th)
    “Contact management, call flows & predictive dialing at scale, providing contact centers with increased productivity and simpler management”

  • PayabiFrench Tech Pavillon by Business France, day 3 (Thursday 10th)
    Payabi aims to change the way companies process their payables, eliminating paper, saving time and cutting costs.

  • GolodFrench Tech Pavillon by Business France, day 2 (Wednesday 9th)
    Golod revolutionizes the home sport equipments with a product transportable and fun with speakers and videoprojector independant in energy.

  • Entr’Up
    Entr’Up is a set of gamified scenarios to assess the compatibility of teams and partners.

  • Verseo C&S (Grenoble)
    Verseo C&S is building the first collective intelligence platform which includes data mining, collaborative reporting and a framework market place.

  • (Grenoble)
    “Drowning in tons of emails? Wasting time in unnecessary meetings or looking for a file? That’s all over! Break the rules with”

Investors & accelerators from Lyon

More digital folks from Lyon attending Web Summit

  • More startups: Irène Fages, Elise Alexandre, Maud Epinette, Maïlys Vermaere & Marion Canette from Reputation VIP, Claire Maissiat from Wemood, Nicolas Antonini & Guylaine Antonini from En Mode UP !
  • Agencies: Anne-Laure Schoch from Vaadata (ethical hacking), Yannick Namia from ASolution (web agency)
  • Code school: Elodie Anthony & Charline Laporte from Simplon
  • Online press: Laure Curien from IjsbergPress, Didier Giunta from Daily Board
  • Game makers: Chloé Agostini from Eden Games, Donat Bihr from Arkane Studios
  • Software makers: Pedro Amaral, Ricardo Reis, Romuald Fleury & Tiago Brito from Slib

How to contact them?

We got this list from Web Summit’s official app. Download it to search and contact attendees.