The Email Environment and Tendencies Summarized in 9 Figures For 2018/2019

You certainly know that emails are part of our daily lives, but can you give the number of hours you spend on it? If not, this email infographic is for you.

Read the post — Nov 5, 2018

Whether You Love or Hate Them, Emails Need to Be Managed All the Same

Email management is a perpetual preoccupation for everyone, whether it be at home or in the workspace and being able to improve it is no small enhancement. Let’s figure out what makes emails so dreadful to handle.

Read the post — Nov 5, 2018

10 Tips to Successfully Launch a New app on Slack

You always dreamed to develop your own application on Slack. You really think your idea is great but you’re not really prepared, we give you 10 tips to make a successful launch.

Read the post — Jun 5, 2018

How to track customer journeys in Slack

At MailClark, we believe that the key for an efficient customer support is to centralize all informations. Here’s how we set up our Slack workspaces to achieve that.

Read the post — Mar 6, 2018

Live chat with your site visitors directly from Slack

The Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin works with MailClark: here’s how to get started.

Read the post — Feb 27, 2018

Improve productivity in Slack

The new MailClark integrations menu makes it easier and faster to sync all of your communication to Slack.

Read the post — Jan 23, 2018

MailClark goes to Web Summit 2017

The MailClark team launches Slack threads integration, talks future of work with Stewart Butterfield, and bolsters support for the French tech community at Web Summit 2017.

Read the post — Nov 10, 2017

Conversation threading: your perfect inbox in Slack

Your inbox in Slack just got better: MailClark is now using Slack threads to keep your conversations organized. Thanks to this new feature, Slack + MailClark is now the perfect app for shared inboxes. Threaded conversations are available for all our integrations: Email, Twitter & Facebook.

Read the post — Sep 21, 2017

MailClark raises $900k in Second Round

After a first round of $350k in January 2016, the French startup MailClark just announced that it has raised $900k in a second round led by Kreaxi, with participation from existing investors IT Translation as well as private and public funds.

Read the post — Sep 13, 2017

Backstage Bots Keep the Show Running

Engineers, IT technicians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, train conductors, logistics pros and people in dozens of other industries share a common woe: that their greatest work is unnoticeable.

Read the post — Dec 16, 2016

The French Tech from Lyon & Grenoble at Web Summit 2016

From November 7th to 10th, over 51 000 CEOs, founders, startups, investors and political leaders will meet in Lisbon at Europe’s largest technology conference: the Web Summit 2016. We at MailClark wouldn’t miss this huge tech event!

Read the post — Nov 3, 2016

How the Slack app ecosystem is helping chatbot developers

It’s good to be part of the Slack ecosystem. Our bot MailClark is among 600 third-party apps that work on Slack. I like to say we get all the benefits of a flea on the back of an elephant; the beast moves, eats, or grows, and so do we.

Read the post — Oct 2, 2016

Lessons from the chatbot event in San Francisco

“Get me a human being!” We’ve all said it—probably shouted it—into a phone at some point. As soon as someone realized that most consumer calls to businesses are trivial, we all had to face the frustration of dealing with slow-talking, pre-recorded prompts, asking endless irrelevant questions in attempt to satisfy us before talking to a wage-earning employee. We’re rarely satisfied.

Read the post — Sep 26, 2016

A/B testing sign-up strategies from the Slack App Directory

Have you ever heard of “The Naked Man”? It’s the infamous “move” for convincing others to sleep with you by getting completely naked, as coined by Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother, that “works two out of three times”. We at MailClark don’t agree with the culture of pressuring people into sleeping with us, but we do believe in the pursuit of scientific experimentation and the accepting of challenges.

Read the post — Jul 12, 2016

Bot2Hook for Slack

Ready to create a Slack bot, but not-so-ready to code a Real-Time Messaging app? Wondering how you’re going to maintain a bot across hundreds of teams? The MailClark has the solution: We’ve open sourced Bot2Hook which turns Slack bots’ RTM events into webhooks.

Read the post — May 3, 2016

Slack & email are getting married

Yes that’s right. You’ve read it correctly. Not only are Slack and email getting married, but this marriage which may seem to be against nature will even be a happy one. Here is the story which will change your day-to-day work life, by the instigator of this union, MailClark.

Read the post — Apr 4, 2016