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Our mission remains the same:
Bridging the gap between Slack & email

The email bot for Slack

MailClark allows your team to communicate via email with the outside world, without leaving Slack.

Send emails from Slack

Something to ask your lawyer or accountant? Stop switching between Slack and your mailer, send the email from a channel. No need to forward the reply to your team—it automatically comes up in Slack.

How it works

  • Sending an email from Slack is easy: Tell MailClark where your email starts with the email emoji, write out your message, and ask him to send it when you're finished.
  • A channel = an email address. Send an email to that address and the message arrives in the channel. By default, your channels are closed to emails. Don’t worry, MailClark won’t flood your team with emails!

Read the online help for more details.

Send an email from Slack with MailClark

Team inboxes & help desks

support@, jobs@ or, reply to inquiries directly from your channels.

With MailClark’s Front mode, enjoy all the power of Slack for your team’s front-office: easy collaboration, powerful search and all the integrations you can dream of.

How it works

  • Emails sent to go to a front channel, e.g. #jobs, where things are kept compact for your team to screen a large influx of emails.
  • Full emails are posted and answered in subchannels, e.g. #jobs-12-john-doe.
  • Conversation flags help you design your own email workflow.

Read the online help for more details.

Team inboxes in Slack with MailClark

Email groups

Want to invite clients to a channel but they won’t use Slack? Invite them as email members: Slack for your team, emails for them, everybody’s happy.

With MailClark’s Group mode, you can even move your good ol' mailing list to Slack ;)

How it works

  • Like regular team members, email members automatically receive every message posted in a channel. In Group mode, sending emails is easy as posting a Slack message.
  • To join the conversation, email members just have to reply.

Read the online help for more details.

Email groups in Slack with MailClark
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