Your team’s bot for external communications

Used by 12,000+ companies to send & receive emails, Facebook, Twitter messages in Slack or MS Teams

Stop switching between communication tools

Email, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Google Groups, bring external communications to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Simply hit ‘Reply’ below an email or message to answer it. And everybody in the channel will automatically see the message and your reply.

Reply to emails in Slack

Collectively manage emails & messages

There’s no better place for a shared inbox than Slack or Teams, the space where your team collaborates. Mentions, internal-only comments, collision detection, extensive search, reminders & lots of integrations—handling your company’s emails and messages has never been easier.

Collaborate on emails & messages in Microsoft Teams

Used by all teams: customer support, IT, sales

MailClark is a fully-featured bot—there’s so much he can do for your company: host the help desk of your Customer Support team, create a team inbox for your Sales or Marketing team, set up an email group for clients or colleagues who won’t use Slack, receive alerts or newsletters & more.

MailClark settings

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Mailclark lets me get all my team's email directly in Slack, cancelling the need to check multiple inboxes, multiple times per day.


Paul Armbruster, CEO


Once set up no further work needs doing. This means I can easily just let it run and do its thing to save me time every day.

Tracey MacKenzie, Social Media Manager


All communications in one channel: Slack! Love seeing the improvements coming along during the time we've been using it.


Franz-Robert Van Vugt, Lead UX


It's been great using this software and seeing them listen to feedback and continue to add new features along the way.

Wedding Network USA

Jason Freshly, Dir. Business Development


Slack integration makes it easy to have multiple people participate in handling incoming queries. Built in help menu is also a plus.


Charlie Kleinheksel, Dir. Special Projects


Great Slack app—emails in one place. Mailclark is easy to use, setup is as simple as creating email addresses.

Ovulation Calculator

Phil Druce, CEO


It has been working flawlessly. We are able to deliver specific email messages received to our Slack users without the need to login to Gmail.


Aaron Schafer, Developer


The product is easy to use, it has 100% success rate (no undelivered mail), also, there is no delay.

Fargo Consultants

Moe Munim, Staff Engineer