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Our mission remains the same:
Bridging the gap between Slack & email

Email enters the bots era

MailClark allows your team to communicate via email with the outside world, without leaving Slack.

Emails to/from Slack as easy as clicking buttons

You just need to invite MailClark to your preferred channel to set up an inbox in Slack. Hit the ‘Reply’ button below an email to answer it. And there’s no need to CC or forward as everybody in the channel will have the email and its response.

MailClark reply button

Collaborate on emails

Have everybody in one Slack channel receiving the emails sent to your team, with separate conversation channels automatically set-up for every client so you can easily track external communications and manage internal distribution.

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Team inboxes, email groups & more

MailClark is a fully-featured bot—there’s so much he can do for your team: set up an email group for clients or colleagues who won’t Slack, create a team inbox for your Sales or Marketing team, receive alerts, notifications or newsletters, host the help desk of your Customer Support team, ...

MailClark settings

3000+ teams trust MailClark to handle their emails in Slack.

Cut a ton of daily emails to my inbox by using @MailClarkAI with @SlackHQ... freakin sweet. All of my newsletters are headed to a channel.

July 28th, 2016

Just found this really neat chatbot today - @MailClarkAI - receive & respond to emails from Slack complete with custom email addresses. 🎉🎉

Ben Hayden
July 25th, 2016

Productivity at work @spinefitchiro went up a notch. Ever since we got the team onto @SlackHQ and now with @MailClarkAI! Plays well!! 😄

Keith Tan
June 8th, 2016

@SlackHQ + @MailClarkAI = awesome painless email broadcasting and email thread followup !!

Brice Copy
August 18th, 2016

We started using @MailClarkAI to connect photographers and customers!

Ever Photo Shoot
June 2th, 2016

Please don’t hunt me yet