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Your Smart Shared Inbox Managed in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Bring the Power of a Shared Inbox Within Slack & Microsoft Teams to Easily Engage Your Teams in Workflow
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Break silos between your teams to collaborate on emails and external messages

Centralize your external messages accounts into Slack or MS Teams

Manage Your Multi-channel Inbox Easily, Anytime

Whether it be a Facebook Page, Twitter account or several email addresses (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) you and your team can access, interact and monitor everything directly from the workspace.

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Collaborate on external messages within Slack or MS Teams

Be Swift to Make Decisions Thanks to AI-Fueled Features

Have you heard about the Reply Score? This is one useful indicator to know which messages are urgent to handle and which are not.

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Optimize your productivity on Slack or MS Teams

Save Time and Energy on Your Daily Work

Buttons are your teams' best friends to perform simple yet essential actions. Send, reply, assign. Then, get on with your work peacefully.

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Break silos and use a whole range of collaborative features to work with your teammates in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Reactive Interaction

Reactive Interaction

Be faster and better in your customers, suppliers, colleagues replies as well as in engaging conversation with your team. Get "Too Fast Too Furious" in your workspace.

Collective Management

Collective Management

Collectively manage your external messages from customers or any external contacts, directly in your collaborative tool (Slack or Microsoft Teams).

Multi-channel Inbox

Multi-channel Inbox

Does your team need to manage messages from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Outlook, etc.? Add as many accounts as you wish! Is it not beautiful when you can get what you want smoothly?



Never miss any external messages, email, Facebook or Twitter messages. MailClark reminds you to take care of each of your customers or external contacts. Pretty cool if you’re a bit like Dory from “Finding Nemo”.



Give the right message to the right person in your team. Get your teammates involved in external communications!

Continuous workflow

Continuous Workflow

Ensure continuity in conversations with your customers or external contacts at all times. Stay tuned!

How MailClark Boosts Your Team’s Performance

+6h / week
saved on email management per team member
2x as fast
to reply to urgent emails
forwarding to everyone

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